"To Promote the Reduction of; Dependency on Foreign Oil, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and inefficient use of energy for residence, businesses and industries to improve the Wealth of the Entity.” dba: (Global Wealth Initiatives), (ThermoYield, LLC)


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Green 4 All: Energy Solutions

*H2-O Water Flow Mgmt. Device

*Eco-Friendly Fuel Enhancements

*HVAC/Refrig. Efficiency- Enhancement



Duct System Cleaning


  Form Router:

Complete form hosting and retrieval services


Critical Power Resources:

Power Quality, Power Distribution and Facilities Management


Top Product Innovations:

: Air Cleaning Plasma Technology


Global Warming Initiatives:

GHG, Carbon Initiatives, and Utility usage at Sites in CO2 and BTU units.


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All Donations to GWI,Org are tax deductible under the IRS Code 501(c)3.

Send to: Global Warming Initiatives, 108 Piperwood Drice, Cary, NC 27518. 


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The name "Global Wealth Initiatives" is a name that can be used in lieu of "Global Warming Initiatives".


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