It is actually a very old question which has already muddied the clear waters between the insurance companies and neighbors like: if the tree of your neighbor falls inside your commercial or residential property or just in your yard, will you have to pay all the damages? Of course, you do not. However, it still depends on what caused a tree to fall, you might sometimes be responsible, somehow. 

Matured, huge trees are very good additions to any of your property. But they can be very dangerous as well and cause rifts between your neighbors once they fall. As a matter of fact, it would be a great idea to run through or observe the 2 common reasons a huge tree will fall in your property and what you must do when it finally occurs. 

Natural Calamities or Disasters 

Hurricane recently made this hypothetical circumstance a reality. However, before you begin fighting and arguing with your neighbors about who’s responsible for the cleanup and damages of the fallen tree, you should first know the root cause of the damage. It does not much matter if the tree was rooted in your neighbor’s yard or your property, the bottom line there is, the tornado or hurricane dropped it. But technically, you are the one responsible for the cleanup and damages on your property. You should call your insurance company and open a claim right away. Keep in mind that you don’t try to take care of all of the carnage alone. 

Tree Removal Accident 

When your neighbor opts to take the responsibilities into their own hands, as well as chop down the tree in their property without the assistance of a professional and experienced tree removal service provider, they have the last call where the tree falls. It always takes a group of professionals and experienced tree removal contractors to take down dangerous trees appropriately. Aside from that, they will also be licensed and fully insured in order to make sure that all the damages occurred will at least be covered by the insurance company rather than a neighbor or homeowner.  

What is the Danger of Tree Stumps? 

most tree owners think that tree stumps are not quite a big deal. If a tree is trimmed down, the real issue is obviously gone, right? Well, no. Tree stumps are not just unsightly, they can cause some real issues as well. Stumps can even result in costly damages to your home and yard. The following are some of the reasons why you should remove a tree stump in your yard or property: 

1. Tree stump roots can continue to grow and that could potentially damage your home’s pipes and foundation. 

2. Tree stumps are considered tripping hazards especially if there are kids playing on your yard. 

3. Tree stumps can house harmful pests such as ants and termites. 

4. Tree stumps are eyesores. Now that your tree is gone, the stump left is taking up more space both physically and visually. 

For more information about tree services like tree trimming, tree care or tree removal, make sure that you only contact a professional.